So many steps that must be completed before we can go…

Step 1 – We need to get rid of a short lifetime’s worth of stuff.

Back in 2007 when we began our travels in the RV, we got rid of most everything we had. There were a few things we stored at a relative’s shed. But for the most part, we sold, gave it away or simply threw it all in the trash. But, life has a way to make you realize efficiencies and end up with the very best and most efficient stuff. And, this is stuff you’ll likely need again. Ooof…. What do you do?

We will be building our own home in Alaska. Its what we do and its what we love. After 25 years of building and construction of our own buildings, we have achieved a level of efficiency and a set of tools that really make it quick. So, we can’t get rid of it? But we don’t need it all. Or do we? Its a serious challenge to take something you collected over the years and get rid of it. What about your children’s collectibles? How much of that are actually collectible? And, who wants the collection. Sure its nice to see your old report cart from when you were 10 but, did seeing it change your life? When you die, does anyone else want to see it? Are we collecting things that have no value. We just think it does because we are thinking emotionally and not rationally.

This is step 1 and its huge!

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